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JX v3.0!

Hi there and welcome to my first public blog entry! Redesigning this website was on my 2016 to do list but it never happened for reasons that will only come off sounding fake and insincere, as all excuses are, so I will spare you the lies. Spring filled me with a feeling of immediacy and motivation so of course I've neglected sleep, food, and all social norms lately to work on v3.0!

As design is ultimately a series of iterate processes through which the abstract materializes into something tangible, the process of designing this website is very much the same. I've evolved from the photographer I was back in 2013. In the past 4 years since moving back home to NY, I've been busy photographing. For someone who is self taught, I believe in practice makes perfect and even after more than a decade, I am still learning new ways of seeing. As a designer of various domains, JX3.0 is just the result of a series of aesthetic decisions I've made building on my core tastes. It is merely a layover to my unknown destination as there is more growing ahead both as a photographer and a designer.

I hope to write more so you don't get bored of scrolling through images. I want to share with you how I see the world because what I love above all else is capturing its simplistic beauty.

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